The strategic approach



What can be done, from the point of view of research and innovation strategies, for intelligent specialisation?

1. To consider private initiative as a basic motor for regional development, supported by the axes of training, innovation in general terms (product, process and business) and entrepreneurship, seeking the improvement of productivity and a better competitive positioning to achieve a greater degree of openness of the regional economy that manifests itself in the internationalization of our businesses, the growth of exports and the attraction of foreign capital towards new productive activities.

2. To position the Comunitat Valenciana in the generation of knowledge as a leader in manufacturing technologies and advanced materials that support its productive activities, and to take advantage of the opportunities opened up by science through structures dedicated to applied development.

3. To use research and innovation to increase the effectiveness, while gaining efficiency, of people-oriented services linked to the environment, education, health and quality of life in general.

4. Consider market services that facilitate and complete the value creation of productive activities at the same level in promotion strategies for research and innovation.

5. To become an attractive and stable environment to foster business innovation through:

  • the concentration and interlinkage of technology, talent and tolerance, thanks to comprehensive, coordinated and consensual policies and the synergies generated by the wealth, proximity, variety, experience and competition among them of productive SMEs and the services that support them
  • the use of the opportunities offered by leading subcontractors and innovative companies with high growth potential, especially those that are best positioned in the global market
  • the intelligent use of the advantages offered by the location and territory of the Comunitat Valenciana.