Stakeholder platforms

Stakeholder platforms



At the end of 2017, the RIS3-CV Steering Committee approved the structure for the participation of economic, social and knowledge agents in the strategy.  A limited number of specific thematic groups will be interlinked with each other to broaden their range of interest to the level of RIS3-CV priorities. 

The working groups are built on the idea of Research & Innovation Key Drivers for the objectives of RIS3-CV.  They are operational work and idea-sharing units for the transformation of the economic model, with a component of experiential risk that they must have, which is why they will be called "innovation policy laboratories" or RIS3-CV labs.

The labs are proposed by the Generalitat, and will be enriched by crossing proposals between them in the "thematic forums" oriented according to the priorities of the strategy (RIS3-CV Forums).

This scheme is correlated with the policies and programmes proposed in RIS3-CV by the Generalitat.  The common social focus of the programme is "an economy for people", considering the different activities carried out by people, the environments in which they live and the resources they use, seeking their sustainability and adaptation to the new challenges related to the health of the population and demographic change.  The established RIS3-CV Forums are:

  • Quality of life, which introduces product development and service delivery around the "Mediterranean" concept, to contribute to an overall wellness experience for the individual.  It has been decided to subdivide it into three thematic sub-forums that should be closely interrelated.  These three priority groups focus on three areas in which the Valencia Region has experience and production resources, as well as the generation of knowledge with a recognised level of excellence: Health, Tourism and Food.  The first labs of this group have already started their work.
  • New Sustainable Industry, will advocate the recovery of the weight of an industry that respects the environment in the regional economic model, although with a decided evolution regarding the system of production of consumer goods in "traditional" manufacturing sectors.  The introduction of advanced manufacturing processes and the management of value chains, as well as the contribution of innovations linked to products and their use by people, thanks to the materials and technologies embedded in them, will in this case be the two interest groups on which this forum will be based. 
  • Thirdly, the interest of all stakeholders in becoming involved in environmental issues and the challenges of climate change, in alternatives for more efficient and environmentally friendly energy consumption, and in the growing importance of logistics elements in value chains of goods and services, recommend the existence of a transversal Forum focused on Sustainable Management of the Environment.
  • Finally, the growing role of scientific and innovative entrepreneurship in the Valencia Region, with renewed experience in the field of financing and accompanying new innovative companies that find in our environment the confidence and the appropriate means for their development, recommends the establishment of a forum called Incubator for Opportunities, to which we trust the emergence of ideas to continue to encourage the lively flame of this entrepreneurial movement.

The work starts at the lab level.  New innovation drivers will gradually be added to this list.  For the moment, they're active (in Spanish or Valencian languages):

To facilitate the dynamization of these innovation labs, a work methodology has been developed, which will serve as a frame of reference for the GVA agents that participate in the platforms in order to promote the achievement of solutions to the challenges that arise, within the framework of the Smart Specialization Strategy of the Valencian Region.

You can consult the methodological guide at the following link:


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