Involvement of society in RIS3-CV

Governance system

Governance system

The regional government (Generalitat) is responsible for the design, implementation and monitoring of RIS3-CV and involves in these tasks the direct and indirect beneficiaries of the strategy: the economic, social and knowledge agents that make up the ecosystem of regional research and innovation together with the administration.



Institutional Level

The Delegate Commitee of the Regional Government for Science, Technology and Innovation is the body formally responsible for the Strategic Agenda RIS3-CV by the Generalitat.  This Committee was created and is regulated by Decree 55/2013 of 3 May 2013.

The Valencian Industry and Economic Sectors Observatory, regulated by Decree 58/2012 of 5 April, which amends Decree 59/2006 of 5 May, creating this observatory, will act as a forum for participation and updated analysis of the measures and policies developed by the Generalitat.

Executive Level

The RIS3-CV Steering Commitee

It is the central body for the participation of business, social and knowledge agents and assumes the "manager" responsibility for strategic orientation decisions of actions to promote regional research and innovation.

The specific functions of the RIS3-CV Steering Committee are:

  • Determine the number and purpose of thematic platforms for joint participation between all stakeholders in the quadruple helix of innovationn.
  • Determine the composition of memberspf the platforms, with criteria of equanimity and balance among the representatives of the different components of the Valencian innovation system.
  • Determine the specific objectives and tasks to be undertaken by these platforms.
  • Based on the work of these platforms, evaluate and issue reports on the progress in the implementation of RIS3-CV actions and the results obtained, as well as proposals for improvement and new actions, whose integration into the strategy must be responded to by the regional government (evaluation and monitoring of RIS3-CV).
  • To maintain a permanent observatory of the context situation that will allow the agile realization of new exercises of strategic determination of priorities from now on.
  • Communicate to society the evolution and results of the strategy, and require its collaboration to maximize these results and exploit them for the benefit of social welfare.


The RIS3-CV Monitoring Committee of the Generalitat (Regional Government)

Formed by senior officials of the Generalitat with responsibilities in research and innovation, it manages the execution of RIS3-CV.  In particular, with regard to the assessment of the alignment with RIS3-CV priorities of proposed actions and their operations by regional government bodies and other entities, the Monitoring Committee shall be responsible for reporting on compliance with the criteria and procedures for selecting and prioritising operations for the European Structural Funds' Regional or Multiregional Operational Programmes.


Technical Level

Technical Committee

It is composed of technical staff of the Generalitat from the different bodies that are part of the Monitoring Committee.  The Technical Committee is the operative structure for the development of the initiatives of the regional government in this field. 

RIS3-CV Stakeholder Platforms

The Stakeholder Platforms are the joint working formula of the Generalitat and the agents of the regional research and innovation system.  As many as necessary may be constituted to promote and monitor the strategic agenda and may be linked, for example, to the different RIS3-CV priorities or to other aspects considered of special relevance, such as the monitoring and evaluation of the strategy, the training of human resources for research and innovation, the promotion of innovative entrepreneurship, etc.
It is a very flexible structure, a participation forum whose main objective is to achieve the greatest possible involvement of the agents linked and main beneficiaries of the strategy, with special attention to those with the greatest role in the process of entrepreneurial discovery.