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RIS3-CV Implementation

In order to achieve the objectives of RIS3-CV, the Generalitat proposes a series of initial measures. As we move towards better coordination of our policies to promote research and innovation, new measures will be proposed and progressively reformulated.

The governance mechanism envisaged for the implementation of RIS3-CV provides that any other operation led by universities, private or public research centres outside the regional public administration, business organisations such as chambers of commerce or employers' associations, or other organisations may also be integrated into the strategy. The regional RIS3-CV "umbrella" will also include these agents as an indispensable part of the ecosystem for the implementation of activities aligned with the strategic agenda.

RIS3-CV will therefore be open to Valencian society, so that these stakeholders are involved, both in terms of strengthening the strategy with the resources they mobilise and in terms of monitoring and consequently reformulating it.