Involvement of society in RIS3-CV

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Engagement System

Engagement System


Companies, which have always been at the forefront of the entrepreneurial discovery process, as well as the research and innovation centres that develop and apply knowledge, and the public administration in its role as promoter and driving force, are the agents that traditionally make up the triple helix of a regional research and innovation system. From the perspective of RIS3-CV, however, the participation of citizens, as the main beneficiaries and users of innovations, is especially important at a time when new responses to major economic, social and environmental challenges necessarily imply changes in behaviour patterns at both social and individual levels.
The implementation of the RIS3-CV strategy therefore requires a step beyond the traditional triple-helix model of innovation to integrate users of products and services at the heart of the innovative process. To this end, information technologies will be key facilitators of the participation of individuals and organisations in the design of policies and solutions best suited to the needs of the Valencian regional social environment.


Stakeholder Participation Platforms


The Participation Platforms are the joint initial working formula of the regional government and the agents of the research and innovation system to achieve citizen participation. As many as necessary may be constituted to promote and monitor the strategic agenda and may be linked, for example, to the different RIS3-CV priorities or to other aspects considered of special relevance, such as the monitoring and evaluation of the strategy, the training of human resources for research and innovation, the promotion of innovative entrepreneurship, etc.
They must be very flexible structures, open participation forums that will evolve in a network. Its main objective is to achieve the greatest possible involvement of the most closely linked agents and the main beneficiaries of the strategy, with special attention to those with the greatest role in the entrepreneurial discovery process.
Companies, professional groups, universities, social and civic organizations, members of the educational community, technological and research centres, independent design or innovation consulting professionals, science and technology parks, incubators, accelerators, investors... and, of course, the local and regional administration, are called upon to be part of a participatory social innovation challenge that aims to excite Valencian society in shifting towards a future of higher quality of life, more inclusive and sustainable, thanks to the driving force of research and innovation.