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G. Promote diversification towards healthy, higher value-added, non-seasonal and sustainable tourism

Specific Objectives

  • TUR1. Distinguish, position and consolidate the Valencia Region as a tourist destination renowned for its quality of life and meeting and exceeding customer expectations, as well as for the development of tools that promote greater loyalty and identification with destinations.
  • TUR2. Reconvert mature tourist destinations and encourage the transition from traditional to intelligent tourist destinations on the basis of co-responsibility and public-private cooperation and social participation.
  • TUR3. To revalue the resources that promote the socio-territorial balance by creating new products capable of operating all year round and generating a differentiated and specialized offer in health and quality of life.
  • TUR4. To guarantee the sustainable environmental, economic and socio-cultural development of tourism.

H. To make the Valencia Region a benchmark for efficiency and quality in the management and marketing of tourist services

Specific Objectives

  • TUR5. Develop a competitive intelligence system based on customer knowledge, together with technological surveillance tools, to adapt the processes of service provision and decision making.
  • TUR6. To promote a culture of detail and customer service before, during and after the trip, together with the quality and efficiency of service and the development of pioneering and innovative projects and activities.
  • TUR7. To promote a new process of management, integration and commercialization of the services offered, taking advantage of new technologies, channels and trends to implement the new process.