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N. To position the automotive and transport industry in Valencia before multinational decision centres as a synergistic, efficient sector with optimum levels of quality

Specific Objectives

  • AUT1. Development of technological tools to support the optimization and integration of internal and external logistics, along with the extension of lean manufacturing to the entire sector and all departments of companies.
  • AUT2. Development of centralized control systems for automated processes, including preventive maintenance and knowledge management in companies.
  • AUT3. Develop the highest automation of production processes.

O. To ensure that the Comunitat Valenciana becomes a major logistics hub for southern Europe and North Africa

Specific Objectives

  • AUT4. Improve the level of use of the port and railway infrastructure, through improving reliability and the costs associated with its use and improving intermodality through material solutions and ICT solutions that involve the integration of operators and agents of the logistics cluster.

P. To promote the development of new businesses and/or diversification related to the incorporation of ICTs into automobiles, transport and mobility, as well as the development of electromobility


Specific Objectives

AUT5. Promote smarter, connected and more energy efficient and cleaner transport