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A. To position the Community of Valencia as a world-wide reference in the production of healthy and quality food and cosmetics, oriented to people's needs

Specific Objectives

  • AL1. Enhance the diversity and richness of the Mediterranean diet by developing quality products aimed at specific markets and segments.
  • AL2. Identify people's preferences and needs, and move them quickly to industry, distribution and food producers.
  • AL3. To promote integration and cooperation between different value chains: Agricultural, Food, Hospitality, Distribution, Services, etc.

B. To improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the agrifood production system through the development and use of technology

Specific Objectives

  • AL4. Produce and distribute safe and quality food, with a longer shelf life, maintaining the organoleptic and nutritional characteristics.
  • AL5. To take advantage of the agrifood commercialization channels to promote both entrepreneurship and diversification and innovation towards the elaboration of products derived from agrifood with application in cosmetics and household chemicals.

C. Be a benchmark in the sustainable production of food, cosmetics and household products, taking into account economic, environmental and appropriate use of natural resources

Specific Objectives

  • AL6. Reduce or optimize the consumption of resources (energy, water, raw materials, etc.) in the production of food, cosmetics and household products.
  • AL7. Develop technological solutions, easy to implement by the primary sector, industry and distribution, economically profitable, that contribute to a sustainable production of food, cosmetics and household products.