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Back The Spanish R+D+I Network publishes the report "The RIS3 process in Spain".

The Spanish R+D+I Network publishes the report "The RIS3 process in Spain".


The R+D+I Policy Network, co-financed by the ERDF and co-chaired by the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness and the Ministry of Finance and Public Function, has published the report "The RIS3 process in Spain", a synthetic compilation of relevant information on the process of elaboration and implementation of RIS3 in the Spanish regions.

Some of the information used to prepare this document comes from a questionnaire that was completed by the units responsible for RIS3 in the Autonomous Communities (Spanish regions). The opinions and assessments collected are therefore based on their experience in the process.

The process of developing RIS3 was very enriching for the regions, although it was not without its difficulties. Currently, the Smart Specialization Strategies are in the implementation phase, in which the Autonomous Communities have also encountered some difficulties for their development. 

The role of the R&D&I Policy Network was very important in this process, playing an active role in the coordination of the process between the Autonomous Communities, the Central Administration and the European Commission (DG Regio). Currently, the Network continues to work on the implementation of RIS3, in particular by supporting their monitoring and evaluation throughout the period.