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RIS3 in Europe survey: there is a strong need to update the design of the initial strategies

1 October 2018.

The preliminary results of the survey on "Obstacles of the past and future remedies" for RIS3 carried out by the Fraunhofer ISI Institute on behalf of the European Commission have been published today.
Dr. Henning Koll, responsible for the project, concludes after analysing the responses of the different participating European regions, that many of the current strategies consider themselves limited by their initial design.  Consequently, decision-makers see a great need to update the RIS3.  However, only one third of the regions have started to prepare for after 2020.

Stakeholders attribute the difficulties to political distractions and science-push mindsets that remain widespread, as opposed to the entrepreneurial discovery process proposed by the RIS3 model.

Despite this, many regions express the hope that renewed efforts in the development of strategies will have an effect in the future, but a new ex ante conditionality is considered necessary to activate these efforts.

In less developed regions, strategies are generally perceived to have been less effective.  Restrictive environmental conditions in Eastern and South-Eastern Europe (limited administrative capacities, poor triple-helix R&D environment, etc.) have led to the weakness of the RIS3 in these regions.

On the positive side, cooperation with other regions is welcomed and the European Commission is seen as a constructive partner in this respect, with its pilot actions and the efforts of the S3 Platform.

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