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Back María José Salvador presents 'CaLab', the new housing innovation space promoted by the Generalitat (Regional Government)

María José Salvador presents 'CaLab', the new housing innovation space promoted by the Generalitat (Regional Government)

February 27, 2018. 

The Regional Minister for Housing, Public Works and Structuring of the Territory, María José Salvador, has presented 'CaLab', a dynamic and active area of innovation in housing promoted by the Generalitat to "develop and enhance housing renovation that improves quality and meets the specific needs of people at every stage of their lives".

This has been expressed by the Minister in the presentation ceremony of this space that has also served to deliver the 'New housing strategies' awards, framed within 'CaLab' and created by the Generalitat for architecture students of the Region with the purpose of designing a pilot floor that "incorporates innovation in gender perspective, flexibility of uses as well as equity and housing diversity.

It is about "creating synergies" in order to know not only what type of housing we need in the 21st century, but also what type of housing we need throughout the life cycle.

The event was attended by, among other people, the director of the School of Architecture of Alicante, Antonio Macià, the director of the Superior Technical School of Architecture Valencia, Iván Cabrera, the director general of Housing, Rehabilitation and Urban Regeneration, Rebeca Torró and the director general of EIGE, Helena Beunza, as well as students from the two universities.

People, at the heart of housing policy

In his speech, Salvador said that 'CaLab' is a "platform for coordinating initiatives, in collaboration with other entities, especially with the universities of the Valencia Region" because the Generalitat considers that "research, development and innovation must serve to improve the well-being and quality of life of people.

In this way, the councillor recalled that the current Consell has put people at the centre of its policy and the right to housing with the impulse of the Law for the Social Function of Housing and has urged to make a "slow but decisive reflection on new ways of living because a large number of existing housing is not in line with our vital needs. Furthermore, he insisted that it is necessary to ask "what kind of housing do we want in order to know what society we want to be?"