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Smart Specialisation @ Work

Smart Specialisation @ Work

Over four years have now passed since Smart Specialisation Strategies (RIS3) officially entered European policy. In order to guarantee an effective policy learning from the implementation of the Smart Specialisation policy,  it is important to keep building a space for communication and collaboration between thinkers and doers, based on shared empirical and conceptual ground. The aim of this workshop is strengthening such common ground in view of enhancing policy support.

During the workshop, the paper series "Smart Specialisation at work" developed in the Territorial Development Unit of the Joint Research Centre will be presented. Those papers will offer a comprehensive and unique view of the actual developments of the RIS3 policy in the EU territories, through the lenses of different techniques applied to different data sources.
This workshop will seek for input and insights from discussants and participants on the findings and the methodologies presented, in view of improving the analytical and policy support work of the Territorial Development Unit. It will also provide specific recommendations for future research lines and activities on RIS3, also in view of the assessment of the RIS3 enabling condition for the 2021-2027 ESIF Programming period.

The workshop will be open to the public, with a target audience of around 50 people spanning from academics to practitioners in the field of regional policy and European Institutions staff.