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D. To promote personalised health management, prevention and diagnosis


Specific Objectives

  • SAN1.To favour research oriented towards medical approaches, products and personalized services close to the individual needs of the patient, involving patients, companies and research centres in the region.
  • SAN2. Promote innovation in organizations, business models and services for the prevention and early diagnosis of diseases through screening and predictive models applied to specific user needs
  • SAN3. To develop applications for the promotion of clinical evidence-based medicine and new remote or semi-remoteable patient self-managed diagnostic systems, in accordance with international standards of information transmission systems.


E. To develop health technologies for treatment, rehabilitation and improvement of personal autonomy through a greater interaction between professionals and users


Specific Objectives

  • SAN4. To generate ecosystems of technological collaboration that allow interaction between the different agents (professionals, companies, researchers, users, etc.) facilitating the conversion of professional and user ideas into new technologies, products and services.
  • SAN5. To promote actions that enhance the development of ICT solutions for better patient-doctor interaction, disease prevention, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and patient follow-up in the hospital and at home.


F. Achieve more efficient and market-oriented health products and services


Specific Objectives

  • SAN6. To develop research in new manufacturing technologies, biomaterials, ICT, regenerative medicine and personalized and advanced therapies for the efficient treatment of diseases.
  • SAN7. To promote in silico biology and in silico medicine through the development of applications, modeling systems, simulation and visualization of biological and medical processes, in accordance with international standards of information transmission systems.