S3 Thematic Platform meeting results

S3 Thematic Platform meeting results

The conference and general meetings of the S3 Thematic Platforms were held on 27 and 28 November in Bilbao.

The two-day event attracted a lot of interest resulting in over 250 participants representing 61 European regions from a total of 18 Member States.

In line with its focus on thematic S3 platforms and their activities, the event was exceptionally well attended by representatives of partner regions involved in the Thematic S3 Platforms, representatives of the European Institutions working on the development of Smart Specialisation Strategies across European Regions and thematic experts. Furthermore, a number of thematic partnerships used this opportunity to organise their own technical meetings.

This two-day event included three thematic workshops (Agri-Food, Energy and Industrial Modernisation) and the first of its kind Joint Three-Platform Conference.

The distributed presentations are accessible through the links provided below.

The new updated posters of the 28 partnerships have also been published for knowledge and dissemination.


Updated posters of the Agrifood Platform

Updated posters of the Energy Platform

Updated posters of the Industrial Modernisation Platform

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