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L. Develop advanced, low environmental impact, sustainable materials, products and processes with new value-added applications, in a sustainable and eco-efficient way, whose benefits have an impact on the user

Specific Objectives

  • HAB1. Development of advanced and intelligent materials with differentiated functions of low environmental impact based on the basic materials (wood, textile, metal, ceramics, plastic, marble, etc.) incorporated into the final products to give them new functionalities, more sustainability and greater added value.
  • HAB2. Research applied to the modernization of current processes that allows them to adapt their products and processes to the needs of users, as well as to the development of eco-efficient processes for the manufacture of advanced materials, such as wet laid, microstructuring of surfaces, coatings application (PLD, LDW), etc.
  • HAB3. Research, design and development of innovative, energy-efficient, user-friendly and environment-friendly products, with new features and functionalities based on the incorporation of advanced materials, micro and nanoelectronics and intelligence.
  • HAB 4. Research into the needs of users at home and in the urban environment, and emotional validation of prototypes, improving shopping experience for habitat products and implementing the Internet of Things.

M. To promote innovative collaborative processes in the design, production, organization, logistics and distribution systems, in all its value chain, locally and internationally

Specific Objectives

  • HAB5. To promote research and organisational and marketing innovation, favouring the creation of complementary groups of companies, able to jointly develop products for the habitat, from the point of view of integral solutions and to promote knowledge management systems, competitive intelligence and long-term foresight.
  • HAB6. To promote intermodal transport by developing the Mediterranean Corridor as a driving force in the development of the Comunitat Valenciana, by means of Loading Units and packaging appropriate to the peculiarities of the products designed for the habitat and to establish joint distribution and logistics networks (including showrooms, technical offices, etc. relying on advanced technologies) in those countries that are considered key for exporting habitat products.
  • HAB7. Facilitate internationalization by helping companies to overcome the extra-tariff barriers of other countries (transport procedures, regulations, certifications, etc.) and to participate in international tenders.