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Q. To develop intelligent machinery and capital goods for multiple industrial sectors with a cutting-edge technological level that allows us to compete on a global scale

Specific Objectives

  • BEQ1. To promote the development of modular systems and advance in the manufacturing process of microcomponents.
  • BEQ2. Enhance advanced sensorization capabilities (vision, sound, continuous parameter analysis, etc.).
  • BEQ3. Strengthen the development of control systems, whether independent or integrated into physical systems, and the incorporation of new ICT functionalities.

R. To promote effective cooperation in the development and manufacture of capital goods between companies in the Comunitat Valenciana, and its commercialization at national and international level

Specific Objectives

  • BEQ4. Develop lifecycle management and design environments: collaborative, self-organized design environments, capable of adapting to the needs of different sectors and industries, including product lifecycle management.
  • BEQ5. Enhance the cooperation of existing market/knowledge niches (power electronics, machinery for the agri-food sector, etc.), through the exchange of personnel between companies and knowledge niches and integrated company/technological agent development plans.
  • BEQ6. Development of customer-based machinery manufacturing methodologies, standardisation of developments and improvement of communication in the supply chain.