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I. To develop personalized consumer products that incorporate added value thanks to the design and distinctive capabilities, responding to individual customer needs

Specific Objectives

  • BC1. Develop an intersectoral competitive intelligence system based on customer and market knowledge.
  • BC2. To promote new processes for mass production of small series on demand, as well as to provide intelligent multi-function products and ICT solutions that allow their connection to the network, favouring the transformation of goods into services.
  • BC3. Promote the culture of innovation and design in the consumer goods sector, creating and incorporating creative talent.
  • BC4. Take advantage of new technologies and channels to promote collaborative design in a global environment.


J. Introduce more efficient, sustainable and competitive processes and materials

Specific Objectives

  • BC5. Development of new materials and exploitation of new manufacturing technologies to improve resource efficiency and reduce environmental impact.

K. To develop innovative models for the marketing of consumer goods at national and international scale

Specific Objectives

  • BC6. To promote innovation in the consumer goods trade through retail leaders.
  • BC7. To promote internationalisation services (search for partners, trade missions, business meetings, export...) as well as to promote/support the preparation and participation in European projects.